Lesson Provider Experience

LessonOnCall provides a huge learning platform to group learning in a fun way.

Innovative Online Presence
The use of this technology is an innovative way to create an online presence and assist possible business expansion.

User Friendly
The user friendly system permits Lesson Providers to set up business profile which consists of account details, portfolio details and payment gateway in a simplified process.

Provide lessons easily using an internet connection without travelling to training halls, learners’ homes or in classrooms.

After LOC approves your application, the easy to follow instructions gets you online in a matter of minutes.

Analytical Reporting
The reporting tool provides an easy to read business analytics to highlight improvement opportunities.

Hosted Solution

LessonOnCall allows Lesson Providers to create an online presence without investing in expensive software and hardware licensing arrangements.

Technical Support
Around the clock technical support provided at no extra costs.

Cost Effectiveness
No additional capital investment required to hold assets. This provides a huge cost savings in running business from a platform that is managed and maintained without overhead costs.

Convenient and Flexible
Run your business from anywhere; office or from within the comfort of your home. Access your business information with an internet connection from any location with a fully maintained server.

System Backup
Business data is automatically backed up and recalled from any location as required.

Service and Help

LessonOnCall has created a single point of contact for users with an integrated service and help support.
This highly efficient feature is set up to provide users service and help in the areas of:

Change Management
Capturing change requests, approval and testing changes prior to system implementation.

Incident Management
Provides a framework to solve incidents within the fastest time frame with minor disruption.

Issue Resolution Management
An efficient problem solving methodology to capture issues, analyse root causes and implement preventive solutions.

Service Level Agreement
Articulates expectations on the level of service and help provided to users of LessonOnCall platform.

Infrastructure Operations Management
Undertake the day to day functions to enable an efficient functioning of the server, ensuring daily events are closely monitored and evaluated to improve performance of the overall system.

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