Lesson Provider Benefits

Benefits for Lesson Providers

  • Share your special skills, talents or valuable knowledge.
  • Create an online course and increase your income potential to unlimited earnings by delivering lessons 24/7.
  • Deliver lessons via group learning providing greater exposure to other learners and better networking in the community.
  • Connect with Learners in your local community as well as an Australia-wide audience.
  • Eliminate overhead costs for training venues.
  • Deliver lessons at your own pace and convenience while striking a work-life balance.
  • Create an online presence by marketing your skills to unlimited Learners.
  • Conduct lessons in the comfort of your own home – No travelling required.
  • Simplified and hassle-free use of modern and innovative technology.

How LessonOnCall Works

  • Create your personal account and set up your business profile.
  • Under business profile, create your portfolio to provide a detailed description of yourself.
  • After LOC sends an approval notification to you, prospective learners can see your profile and book lessons with you directly.

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