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Marissa Roberts

About Me

Hi, I'm Marissa Roberts, the woman behind Beautifully Organised.

I live in NSW Australia with my husband and two gorgeous girls, Sophie & Georgia.

I started Beautifully Organised because I know life as a Mum is wonderful, but it can also be really stressful. Juggling housework, other work, family & social stuff - the workload all adds up and before you know it, everything can get on top of you.

Why Choose Me?

My story: I was always an organised person, but when I had my first baby - my whole world changed!

I couldn't believe how busy I was - all day, every day. I felt liked I worked and worked and worked and never stopped - but when I looked around at the end of the day, it seemed like I hadn't done anything!

The baby was fed and happy - but everything else was a mess. There were days when I couldn't find time to even brush my hair, let alone tidy up, cook dinner, get the washing done..

Things got easier with time and practice. I was always an organised person so bit by bit I used my organising skills to find ways to make life easier as a mum - little tricks for the housework, groceries, cooking, getting work done, doing my hair ;) I was finally back on track.. and then I had my second baby.

Suddenly all my tips and tricks needed to change as I was juggling a toddler and baby! So I went back to the drawing board and step by step, got it all together again.

How the blog came about: In the meantime I started blogging about being an organised mum - I shared what worked for me and let people behind the scenes on our family life. I had been blogging on my personal blog for a couple of years and loved it, and now that organising was becoming such a big part of my life, it felt right to blog about that too :)

Over time, I started getting emails, comments & messages from other mums, asking me how to do other things an easier way - washing dishes, packing nappy bags, meal planning, and organising their home so it ran smoothly with kids in the house.


My Business: I started answering these questions with blog posts and videos, and more and more questions came in - along with some wonderful feedback from readers saying I really helped them out. That's when I decided to make it official and run Beautifully Organised as a proper business. I got some amazing help from some incredible mentors and fell in love with helping people while doing something that made me happy too.

So now I run a coaching service for busy mums! I mainly work with women who LOVE being a mum but are feeling overwhelmed trying to juggle everything - just like I was. We work together in person or over the phone/Skype and I teach them family friendly time management & organising techniques that free up their time, keep their home & family running smoothly and generally make life easier.

I run the Real Life Supermum workshop in Newcastle every couple of months and have wanted to bring it online for mums that can't get to Newcastle. My workshop is great for women who want to get more organised at their own pace, at times that suit them. We talk about tips and techniques that will help them with the 'motherhood juggle' and they put them into practice themselves with my support.

Lesson Topic Taught

The Real Life Supermum Workshop, Meal Planning for beginners

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