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The Real Life Supermum Workshop

Are you a mum who feels too busy, too tired or too overwhelmed almost every day?

Are your days spent rushing from one activity to the next, trying to juggle multiple tasks at once, feeling like you’re always running but never quite catching up to where you need to be?

Do you wish you had some spare time just for you, but have no idea how to find any?

If you’re stressed out and overwhelmed by everyday life, I can help you with the Real Life Supermum Workshop.

At Beautifully Organised - tips & tools for busy mums I help mothers find more time in the day to do everything. Women who love being a mum, but with family, housework & other work have a lot to juggle and really need to find balance.

Come and spend 2 hours with me to learn family-friendly time management & organising techniques that work fast to make running your household and managing family life easier - leaving you more time for the fun stuff!

With two young girls of my own under 5, I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by motherhood. When I had my first child I was shocked at how hard even the simplest things were to do - there were days I couldn’t find time to brush my hair, let alone clean the house, cook dinner, or get any other work done.

After getting through my initial overwhelm, I took everything I learned in my corporate training career plus my 10 years experience in home organising and put it all together to form a series of techniques that make life easier for busy mums, which has now become the Real Life SuperMum workshop.

This workshop focuses on 5 key elements:

1. Win the housework war: Get on top of it, stay on top of it
2. Get more out of your 24 hours: How to work most effectively with the time you have
3. Calendar Control: Get more balance with work, family and social commitments
4. Easiest Paperwork Ever: No more late bills, lost papers or forgotten permission slips
5. Ask Anything: Q&A session with Marissa - ask for help with anything

This workshop will show you how to go from overworked and overwhelmed mummy to calm, focused and content mother.

Your FREE Bonus Gift: Take what you learn on the day and apply it immediately with your own free copy of the popular 2013 House & Family Planning Binder, filled with simple and effective planning sheets to keep you organised & stress free every day.

Marissa Roberts


P.S. Got questions? I'm happy to answer them. Send your questions to marissa@beautifullyorganised.com and I'll get back to you within 24 hours with an answer.

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The Real Life Supermum Workshop The Real Life Supermum Workshop The Real Life Supermum Workshop

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