About Us

About LessonOnCall

LessonOnCall offers online courses through a live video conferencing platform – the first in Australia. Now, anyone can learn at a pace that suits them, anytime.

We are looking at a future fuelled with the mix of technology and Lesson Providers educating masses of Learners online. The LessonOnCall technology enables the best Lesson Providers to reach out to a vast audience of eager Learners.

Through this innovative platform, we are confident that we can provide an interactive, time and cost efficient learning environment where Lesson Providers and Learners interact, thus streamlining the teaching and learning process.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement
To provide an excellent quality of continuous education and learning in an interactive online environment while ensuring our clients, both Lesson Providers and Learners, receive excellent service in an effective time and cost saving environment.

Company Vision
To utilise the video conferencing platform in a way that bring Learners and Lesson Providers closer. This will lead to making online education accessible to everyone.

Our aim is to provide education of the highest quality education to Learners at a time and place that is accessible and flexible; meaning it fits with their work, lifestyle, budget and commitment.

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